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IT Support

Computer Repair XL offers services of the highest quality regarding information technology consulting. The company has been recently founded due to the founder’s and partner’s passion for computer technology, as well as helping and offering services to people who will benefit from their knowledge. We have years of combined experience when it comes to any single type service relevant IT services. Our expertise ranges anywhere from IT and software development to providing you with the necessary advice and consultation on how to use computer technology in the most efficient and cost-effective way when it comes to running your business. 


Network Support

Wired LAN uses network adapters and Ethernet cables. Generally when doing a computer internet set up, that includes wired connection, central devices like routers or switches are needed for accommodating more computers. For installation, Ethernet cables are run from all the computers back to the main central device. This is a time-consuming process, and it may be challenging to run the cables through walls and under the floor, particularly when the computers are in separate rooms. Once the hardware installation is complete, the configuration process is almost the same as the wireless connection. The advantage of a wired LAN for your computer internet set up & maintenance Fontana is that they offer better performance. Fast Ethernet is sufficient for both file sharing around the home and also high-speed access to the internet.


System Security

Keeping your computer healthy should be one of your goals. In this case, you might be wondering how exactly it is possible to keep your computers running at their best state. More often than not, it will all depend on how it is protected against viruses. There is a need to have a highly proactive approach when it comes to managing computer virus that might just pop up anytime if you do not adhere to the stringent security measures. Aside from viruses, you should be also concerned about protecting your computers against malware. Generally speaking, malware refers to a harmful type of software which can steal personal information and send spams. Like viruses, they can lead into intruding your computer systems without your knowledge and in the end, they can cause significant damage.  Call us now and see how we can help you with computer virus removal Fontana.


Smart home Setup

Smart homes are another important part for the computer internet set up & maintenance Fontana. For this, you need to ensure that you use WPA2 encryption to keep your data scrambled as it transfers between the home network devices. This encryption keeps your data safe from external hackers. If you decide to go for the wired option, ensure that you have the necessary firewall software to ensure your data is secured. In addition, use a WI-FI password that you can easily remember, but hard enough that it cannot be hacked.

Computer Setup

It is usually a long process, and that is why we encourage you to seek out our services to help you out. Below is a description of what we are likely going to do when setting up your internet and also subsequent maintenance practices. Designing the home network first starts with determining where the computers, printer, and any other devices will be positioned. Home networks may use either a cable or wireless technology while there are some that combine both.


Computer Maintenance

It can be easy to fail to understand the technical jargon that is related to computer internet set & maintenance. However, there are a few general tips you can follow to help you manage the network effectively once it has been set up. The first thing you have to do is to plug the broadband modem to the precise port on the wireless router. This is important as the internet service cannot be distributed throughout the house without this connection.



This field, also referred to as information technology consulting, has a heavy focus on giving advice and consultation to business or persons who seek to use information technology in such a fashion to meet all their requirements in an optimal way while also keeping an eye on the client’s budget.


Computer Upgrades

There are several reasons why your computer systems may need repair and upgrade. For one, you may encounter emergency situations, such as when your computer crashes and you need to repair it. True, you may attempt to do it on your own, but if you do not have any background in dealing with these scenarios, you might just make the situation even worse. Your organization may have an IT team to take care of these problems, but these issues do not happen all the time. Therefore, hiring our services only when you need it is the better option in this regard.